Frequently asked questions

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    Estimated time to install an acoustical ceiling
    An average basement ceiling will take one day to install the suspended grid ceiling and after the light fixtures and heating units are set, another half of a day to install the ceiling tiles.
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    Some of the cities we install drop ceilings
    Ames, Ankeny, Fort Dodge, Marshall Town, Waterloo, Harcourt, Hubbard, Jefferson, Melbourne, Perry, Urbandale and many more towns is Iowa.
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    Cost for drop ceilings
    Average cost for a standard 2x4 suspended acoustical ceiling for a residential basement is $2.50 per square foot.
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    Room we install acoustical ceilings in
    Basements, garages, kitchens, home theaters, recreational room or any rooms needing a drop ceiling.
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    Manufacture's material warrantties ranges from one year to lifetime. Call backs for repairs are very rare but if needed we want you, the customer to always be happy and satisfied with our installation of acoustical treatments.
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    Acoustical Contractor services include
    Ceiling tile replacement, repair grid ceilings, install perforated metal panels, wood plank ceilings, stretch wall systems, Tectum panels, fabric wrapped panels, baffles and other noise reduction units.
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    Help eliminate noise with many options
    Sound barriers, sound blankets insulation, sound diffusers, sound proofing, sound absorption, vibration control and other noise control items.
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    Maintaining ceilings is easy and inexpensive
    Warm soapy water to clean grid, factory brand name touch up paint for ceiling tiles and caulking to fill in small dents or holes in ceiling panels.
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